Henne Eyebrows Course

Henna Eye Brows 

Why offer Henna Eyebrows?

-unlike tint henna brows stays on the for upto 6+weeks  as tint stays a few days

-unlike tint that stays on brow hair 7-10 days henna lasts upto 21+ days on hair 

-this course includes a starter kit

-this course is accredited by abt 

-course normally takes around 3-4 hours to complete

About henna brows...

Introducing the latest way to colour eye brows using Henna. Taking many beauticians business to the next level! 

Not only will you love this product, your clients will to, with many enjoying their new brows for 6+ weeks…and the best part being, not only will they want to return, they also tell their friends and family!The benefits of Henna?Not only is Henna a cost effective way for you to offer brow treatments to your clients, it’s also a joy to work with. Unlike tint, henna will cover white hairs along with red, orange and blue pigment. Unbelievable hold to the hair with superb colour over semi permanent or blading.