Begin your teaching career with us at trendy locks!

Our AET Level 3 Educators course is what you need to start teaching!  Whether its your own private training school or you are wanting to start teaching in someone elses training acadennt this is the course for you!

The course will cover all theory knowledge of how to become a competant educator and how to handle different situations. 

The course is accredited meaning you can then apply for insurance and also work towards writting your own course materials to be accredited too!

The course consists of a training manual and assessment questions and tasks, anything your unsure of simply ask us for help and we can help you understand the task or question.

This course can be completed in the classroom or online at home which ever you feel you would prefer is available!

No Pre requisites to complete this course completley open to everybody in every industry whether its hair, beauty, plastering, add on skills, therapies and more!

If your ready to get going then contact us and we can get your course up  and running within 24 hours for you!