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No needle fat dissolve has been designed to help local fat stores that are otherwise extremely stubborn to be removed through diet and exercise. 

The fat is chemically flushed through the lymphatic drainage system by the use of a product created to help reduce fat deposits. This treatment is a safe alternative to liposuction.

No Needle Fat Dissolve


The effects are apparent approximately 4 weeks post treatment, during which the  fatty tissue gradually dissolves. 

The fatty tissue is eliminated evenly and as the treatment is also beneficial for collagen fibres, the skin's elastic will be amplified.

The treatment is not completely painless and you may feel a little discomfort, tightness and a bee sting like effect after application. This will disappear quite quickly.


How long do fat dissolve treatments last?

Providing you follow our aftercare advice the treatment can last long term. Its important that you maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle in terms of exercise and healthy eating.

Any differences between no needle and needle fat dissolve treatments? 

There isn't any real differences other than you may feel safer and its is not as painful as the needle treatments. Needle treatment can go deeper into the skin which can be more painful but can be a little more effective.


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