Brazillian Bum & Boob Lift Course

Fancy offering a new exciting treatment to give your clients that confidence lift they need?... Our brazillian bum and boob lift course is perfect for this!

When having this treatment on your bum, this can be the equivalent of 4000 squats! having the treatment on your breasts during a coure of treatments can lead to permanent results!

The treatment time to clients is 30mins! so can be done in lunch breaks or clients who dont have much time!

Treatment costs is next to nothing so profit margins are quite big!

The treat works by combining a number of things Massage, Vacuum, Led and Suction (similiar to dry cupping) ....Giving fabulous results in minimul time frames. 


Course Cost £499

Machines (£250-300) we will show you where to purchase your machine during the course. 

Course Approval: This course is accredited by CPD and is worth 20 CPD points